BOPET films

BOPET film (biaxially oriented PET), sometimes called polyester, Melinex, Sarafil, Tenolan or Petlar, is produced by extrusion technology. General properties: high strength, low shrinkage, excellent optical and mechanical properties with outstanding heat resistance and low oxygen permeability

BOPET films are the ideal choice for the production of flexible packaging, as electrical insulation for cables, electric motors and transformers, they are widely used in polygraphy, but also in the medical, textile, glass and furniture industry, in the production of stationery, electronics, security protection elements such as holograms, but you can also find them in many materials for building industry.

Advantages of polyester films
Abrasion resistance, excellent barrier and strength, allow many options for possible further processing, e.g. printing, lacquering, metallization, lamination, etc.
The material is approved for direct food contact and it is recyclable.